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A Christmas jumper is a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit and spread cheer. 

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Christmas Jumpers

Santa comes early this Christmas bearing the perfect gifts – the best Christmas jumpers to keep you toasty and colourful during the festive season. Christmas jumpers are a great way to build a festive tradition and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

We offer Womens Christmas Jumpers, Mens Christmas Jumpers, Childrens Chirstmas Jumpers, Boys Christmas Jumpers, Girls Christmas Jumpers, Family Christmas Jumpers, Classy Christmas Jumpers Matching Christmas Jumpers and much more!

For sticklers of fashion and unique fashion, we’ve got you! Our collection of Ho! Ho! Ho! Jumpers are exactly what you need to stay stylish and still be the life of the Christmas spirit.

The History of the Christmas Jumper

Every year, right around Christmas, festive knit sprouts and marks the beginning of the Christmas celebration. At this point, this style of jumpers have become synonymous with the Christmas festivities.

They’ve become so popular that Christmas isn’t the same without a Christmas jumper in every family. But where did they come from?

Unsurprisingly, Christmas jumpers are deeply rooted in the chilly Nordic countries of Northern Europe. They first appeared in the 15th Century in Norway. The heavy, patterned jumpers were initially made by women from local sheep’s wool and became an instant hit among the communities.

It was not the first time this region was incorporating stylised animal foliage and forms into textiles. In fact, the ‘selburose’ snowflake motif that features on most of our Christmas jumpers collection has its roots in the Nordic knits. It was formally based on a rose with eight petals.

When Did Christmas Jumpers Become So Popular?

Christmas jumpers have been famous for hundreds of years in Nordic countries. Over the last century, the popularity of these traditional knits has spilt over into the rest of Europe, including the UK and become mainstream.

Skiing in Scandinavia has a lot to do with the popularity of the jumpers, especially after the Influenza pandemic of 1919. The jumpers were beloved for their style in the sport of skiing. What was once a humble jumper became a symbol of glamour and luxury. Since then, the unique style of Christmas has remained a chart-topper in the fashion world, dominating the city streets during the Christmas season.

Are Christmas Jumpers Still a Thing?

Christmas jumpers are trendier than they were back in the day. They are a common wardrobe item not just for the common folk but for celebrities as well. Celebrities like Mark Darcy have rocked the infamous reindeer knit in the movie Bridget Jones Dairy.

The Christmas jumper is now a big festive hit for fashion fans, and we have rounded some of the best fan-favourite novelty knits in the nicest shades and colours for you in one convenient place.

You don’t have to brave the Christmas chills hopping from store to store trying to find the perfect Christmas jumper. You can check out our online collection and have it delivered to your doorstep.

When Can I Start Wearing My Christmas Jumper?

Is there really a right time to start wearing your Christmas jumper? If you thought the debate on when to start celebrating Christmas and breaking out the decorations was hotly contested, this one is even more contested.

Christmas jumpers have become a fashion statement. It’s no longer unusual to see people clad in their Christmas jumpers before Thanksgiving. But if you prefer to roll with the times after Thanksgiving would be a better time to start wearing your new Christmas jumper.

Some neutral colours and bold fashionistas can also rock the jumpers long after Christmas. If you want something that will work as post-holiday wear, we recommend neutral colours.

Why You Wear a Christmas Jumper?

Nothing puts Christmas in the Christmas spirit better than a Christmas jumper. It is the ultimate indicator of someone that goes all out on Christmas. Rocking your Christmas jumper has a contagious effect.  You’ll likely see people around you start to wear it when they see you with one. It’s irresistible. It’s a privilege to have such a jumper dedicated to this particular time of the year. Besides its awesomeness, are there other reasons you might need a Christmas jumper?

It’s perfect for specialising

Christmas jumpers are the perfect way to bring the spirit of Christmas into the air. They make a great icebreaker and give you a sense of belonging. Imagine dropping by the office to find your colleagues rocking Christmas jumpers. The Christmas jumper is the most socially adaptable jumper to have during the holidays. You can never go wrong with a carefully selected Christmas jumper.

Become the holiday jumper superhero

The perfect Christmas jumper is like a superhero costume – you never have to wear another one. You can wear the jumper for as long as you want. You can carry the jumper with you in your bag and pull it out at every part your walk into. Every time someone shouts “Party!” you can pull out your jumper like superman rips his shirt!

It’s a hybrid jumper!

Would you believe people wear their Christmas jumpers long after and before Christmas? The wacky jumpers with fun characters like reindeer and Christmas trees are perfect for holiday parties and casual December weekends.

We also have less emblematic jumpers that you can wear into the New Year and on selected holidays. If you’re a Christmas jumper diehard fan, you can also pick out a casual holiday jumper. Each will have its own perks. You’ll get more use out of the wackadoodle holiday jumpers during Christmas, but we also have more laid-back designs that you can find yourself wearing in July. 

They make great memories

Every time you pick out your jumper, you will remember all the great memories you’ve made wearing it. It’s unlike the cheap Christmas fragrances that wash off after one wash. It’s a lasting impression of the great family times you’ve had together, and it doesn’t feel tacky, either.

It serves the purpose of keeping you warm but also acts as a record of sumptuous meals you’ve had, the funny and rib-cracking stories in the living room on Christmas Eve, the music and the cheer. Whenever you pull out the jumper, these nostalgic memories rush back as you create new ones.

Make from quality clothing

Each passing Christmas, your Christmas jumper gets warmer and softer. When treated well, your Christmas jumper should last longer than most clothes. With some luck and its long-lasting quality, you might even get to pass it down to your children and create a tradition.

Over the years, a Christmas jumper becomes as much part of the family as the family dog. Mainly because the family dog also has its Christmas jumper.

Unlike all your Christmas décor you eventually take down, your jumper will be there anxiously waiting to come out the following Christmas and grace you with its warmth and beauty.

Christmas Jumpers that You Can Wear to Work

Christmas jumpers have morphed into a fashion item that you can wear to just about anywhere, not just family gatherings. Everywhere the jumper goes, it’s a sign of cheer and joy; you can bring the same experience to work!

We have an amazing and diverse selection of these jumpers, so picking the right one to work shouldn’t be a problem. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick the perfect Christmas cardigan for work.

Pick a colour

There’s no particular preference for the colours you can choose. You can go traditional with the red and green that brings out the full Christmas spirit, or go for something more mute and natural that you might feel is more office appropriate. It all boils down to your personality and fashion boldness. If your office hosts an ugly jumper party, you can go tacky and as bright as you want to be.

The texture and type of jumper

Besides the plethora of colours, jumpers also come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re all unique. We have cable-knit designs, turtleneck jumpers, shawl jumpers, cardigans, V-necks, and crew necks.

The jumpers also come in different fabrics that you can play around with. Whether you’re going for elegance or tacky, we have just the right fabric and design of jumpers to bring out the appearance you want for Christmas and around the office. If you want something professional, our cashmere jumper range is highly recommended.

With the right texture, colour and type of jumper, you can pair your jumper however you like for any occasion or holiday. Our vast catalogue has everything you need to find a nice jumper you can wear beyond Christmas and spread the cheer. 

Christmas Jumpers for Men, Women, and Kids

You can keep the Christmas tradition alive with our Christmas jumpers for families. No one likes being left out of the fun and the Christmas joy, and our Christmas jumpers for men, women and kids are what you need to be a part of the fun.

The jumpers come in a slew of vibrant and natural colours to suit different tastes. We also have jumpers in different sizes. This way, you get a nice cardigan to wear every year that fits nicely and that you look forward to wearing.

Browse through our extensive Christmas jumpers selection to find something to add Christmas cheer to your household and start a new tradition.