Christmas Stockings

    Right around Christmas, there’s a buzz with Christmas socks and stockings. Some countries even have an entire Christmas stocking tradition around that. What about Christmas and socks, and why is there such a popular connection between Christmas stockings and socks?

    During the festive season, it’s almost impossible not to think about Christmas stockings, whether for yourself or a loved one. You will also have Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace and mantlepieces every year. It’s a tradition that has become as important as the Christmas tree. But what are Christmas stockings, and should you consider adding them to your Christmas shopping this year?

    History Behind Christmas Stockings

    There are several theories on how Christmas stockings came to be. The most common one tells the story of Saint Nicholas, only known as Nicholas of Myra back then. He was a wealthy but generous priest living in a city part of the Roman Empire.

    Nicholas was famous for his good deeds and the generous gifts he bestowed on the people of Myra, particularly the children.

    This Christmas stocking myth tells of a widower with three daughters for whom he could not afford dowries. In those days, that meant the daughters couldn’t be married and might have turned to prostitution.

    Being nice, Nicholas came to their house one night and found their socks hung up to dry while they slept. He filled the socks with gold coins. Plenty enough for the daughters to afford a dowry. This and other stories about Nicholas’s generosity contributed to his legend growing and changing.

    Within a few centuries after his death, his feast day became the most celebrated throughout Christian Europe, and soon, these traditions poured over to the rest of the world and gave birth to the Santa Claus stories known today.

    For many children, back when there was no gift packaging, the gifts from Santa were placed in their actual socks, which they hung by the fireplace. Sometimes, Santa would put the gifts in their shoes.

    By the late 1800s, Victorians were making handmade socks for holding Christmas gifts. Some of the stockings were ornately decorated and larger than a typical sock. Kids loved these because it meant they could hold bigger and more gifts. The tradition has carried on since then.

    Christmas Stockings for the Festive Season

    During Victorian times, children would use everyday festive socks as stockings. However, more families have switched over the decades to purpose-made Christmas stockings decorated with personalised messages and festive motifs. As it stands, Christmas stockings have become a part of the festive tradition and are commonplace over fireplaces on Christmas Eve.

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