Couples Christmas Jumpers

    It’s the holiday season again, so it’s time to break out Christmas jumpers. If you haven’t thought about your Christmas fashion until now, there’s no need to covet your partner’s festive fashion this Christmas or try to sneak out one of their favourite Christmas jumpers from their closet.

    You can take things to the next level by ordering matching Christmas jumpers with your significant other or best friend.

    The couple’s Christmas jumpers are perfect for all kinds of perfect pairs. From dynamic duos to forever friends and everything in between, they are the perfect way to recognise your significant other and show off your bond and connection.

    The jumpers aren’t great for couples only. You can also match your Christmas jumper with your roommate or your twin

    Indulge yourself in the variety of festive motifs, colours and themes. They are the perfect canvas for a creative and funny mind that wants to capture the attention of everyone wherever they go.

    Besides the catchy pun phrases, the jumpers are cosy and comfortable too. We make them from quality materials that make the jumpers feel soft against the skin, and you can wear them every day of December with no worries.

    Ugly Couples Christmas Jumpers

    Ugly Christmas jumpers are the heart and soul of the festive season. They’ve become so engrained into the Christmas tradition it’s almost impossible to think about Christmas without an ugly Jumper.

    We’ve been working frantically like Santa’s little helpers to create an assortment of designs and motifs with the best slogans relevant for couples. We’re not afraid to think out loud, bold and extraordinary. We are anything but boring.

    Our couples Christmas jumpers are the epitome of chaos, laughter and humour. You will have all our creative jumper designs at your disposal to pick from. Whichever strikes your fancy is yours for the taking. Or, you could take a few and surprise the rest of your family and friends with some whacky ugly Christmas jumpers this December.

    Funny Couples Christmas Jumper

    Let’s say you find our ugly Christmas jumpers are a little too much, and you want something that’s still funny but not over the top. Well, introducing our funny couple’s Christmas jumper. Still exciting, not as bold, but exceptionally hilarious.

    It’s an excellent selection for couples, friends, colleagues and siblings that want to ride on the pun phrases on the Jumper to spread the Christmas cheer without becoming the centre of attention.

    Like the ugly jumper range, this one also features some of our designer’s best creations. Everything from the nostalgic Santa quotes to more recent jokes and funny phrases will leave everyone you meet in stitches.

    These jumpers are the ultimate icebreaker and conversation starter if you struggle to shine in a crowd. You will be blending in with the crowd in no time.

    How to Choose a Couples Christmas Jumper

    It’s safe to say your Christmas experience could very well depend on the couples Christmas jumper you choose. If you agree, then you know how crucial it is to choose the right couples jumper, so we went ahead and picked a few tips we thought could help you make the right decision.


    There are many styles. Pick one, two, or five that suit you. With our variety, it doesn’t matter how complex your style is. You will find something. We have the usual suspects; elves, reindeer and Santa, and we have some new entrants that include your favourite superhero characters.

    Our more impressive collection features light-up Christmas jumpers for couples accessorised with fur and bells. We know our imagination sometimes goes off the rails.


    Don’t get too hooked on the style that you forget the Jumper needs to fit. Unless you want something that hides the extra pounds you will get after overindulging at the dinner table. The Jumper you choose should also fit well and wash well.


    Christmas is your time to feel like a king or a queen, and it all starts with wearing a jumper that makes you feel as such. Our couples’ Christmas jumpers are made from quality fabrics and yarn like premium 100% acrylic for a luxuriously soft touch that will keep your spirits high and warm, toasty, and snug. After all, you want to show off your Jumper. You can’t do that if it is buried under five coats as you try to keep warm.

    Show off your personality

    This is the time to come out of your shell. Reveal your quirky side and bring the festive spirit alive. It is your time to create magical moments and unforgettable memories, and these couples’ Christmas jumpers will let you do just that.