Light Up Christmas Jumper

    Your Christmas tree shouldn’t be the only thing lighting up this Christmas. You too can light up and be the party with our light-up Christmas jumpers. It’s the ideal Christmas attire for you, your family, and your friends.

    You can be anything from a dressed-up reindeer with a glowing nose to a naughty Santa, a Sexy snowman or any other character you prefer.

    Our light-up Christmas jumpers are packed with flashing lights that will stun and amaze everyone you meet. It’s a great way to give your Christmas tree a run for its money and deck yourself full of LEDs. So what better way to start the Christmas celebrations than with the most notable decors of the festive season – Christmas lights.

    With light-up Christmas jumpers, you can shine bright and become the star of every party to show up to this holiday season. The magic of the lights is mesmerising to both children and adults, not to mention the jumpers carry the same whimsical Christmas puns that ugly Christmas jumpers are known for.

    We carry jumpers in various designs, from ugly light-up Christmas jumpers to classic festive prints. You will send the biggest Grinch bursting out in laughter with these jumpers.

    Let’s just say, with a light-up jumper, you will be the centre of attention. But everything is still within your control. If the attention is too much, you can flip the switch. The LEDs are see-through and small enough so they don’t stick out. They blend impressively into the holiday knitwear until the next time you want to be the light of the party once more.

    How Light-up Christmas Jumpers Work

    Light-up Christmas jumpers use a simple mechanism to light up and switch off the lights. The lights are powered by lightweight batteries, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around dead weight, and the jumper will not let you down.

    The bulbs that light up on the jumper are LEDs. They never get hot, fade or fail. The bulbs getting hot is a major concern for people considering Christmas jumpers. Now that you know the bulbs don’t get hot, you can put your worries aside.

    The jumper is made from quality materials with powerful batteries so that you can use it on multiple occasions. If you need to change the batteries, they are readily available. They’re small, lightweight and easy to find in most jewellery stores.

    You can carry a sample of the old batteries to ensure you get the right one. Once you have the new batteries, you just need to replace them and voila! Your lights are back on.

    What about cleaning the jumper? With the lights and cables, you must dry clean it, right? Wrong! Our light-up Christmas jumpers are machine washable. The lights are durable, and the jumper is made from premium acrylic yarn. However, to keep the jumper looking new, read the instructions before throwing it in the washer. It will ensure you keep the jumper and its dazzling lights for years.

    Why Buy Your Light-up Christmas Jumper from Us

    Your light-up Christmas jumper will be your signature look this Christmas. So it has to be perfect. It has to be the right theme, carry the right pun and have the right colours. At Christmas Jumpers, you can get exactly that. We have a huge collection of light-up Christmas jumpers for everyone, male or female. The jumpers have dozens of themes, motifs, and various Christmas colour schemes. We are your best bet at finding the perfect light-up jumper this Christmas.

    Quality is a huge factor

    You want a Christmas jumper you can wear and other Christmas holidays, especially if you happen to love the jumper. That’s why quality is a big issue when buying a light-up Christmas jumper.

    At Christmas Jumpers, we use the best quality fabrics and LEDs to ensure every aspect of your new jumper is up to par and can go the distance. So whether you wear it once or pass it down to the next generation, you can rest assured that the jumper will be comfortable and cosy.

    Unbeatable prices

    Like everything else this Christmas, the prices of our jumpers feel like a gift. We give you the most competitive prices for Christmas outfits. You can also check out our sales and discounts if you want to save big or get more jumpers for the whole family.

    Fast shipping

    We have all jumpers ready to ship in our warehouse. Once you place your order, we will complete it and send it on its way. On average, we deliver most orders within 48 hours, depending on when you place the order. Even if you remember to buy the jumper last minute, there’s a good chance we can still get it to you on time.